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Natural Handmade Beauty

Embracing natural beauty 

As the new year sets in, some resolutions may include adding some more natural and organic elements to your life. As the biggest organ of the body, and the most exposed, your skin should be on top of the list.  

Avoid unnecessary chemicals to your body by introducing handmade, natural and environment-friendly products to your range. There truly is no substitute for nature.  

Below are a few highly rated products that we have identified for you on Moksi. 

RockABevvy stole the show with the huge loofah in this refreshing flavour called Pink Lemonade. It removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin divinely exfoliated. Raw materials are used to produce these loofas are all locally sourced and locally made.  

 Check out the full Pink Lemonade range to treat your skin to a beautiful cleaning experience. 

This beautiful body butter gift pack from Moya Essentials is rich, nourishing and natural. It contains natural oils and botanical extracts leaving you skin moisturized and smooth. 

The body butters can be bought individually in various sized containers or in the gift pack which consist of 4 flavours namely Chamomile & Lavender, Argan & Almond, Macadamia & Gotu Kola and Jojoba & Tamanu. 

This is also a great option as a corporate gift! 

This bath milk is something to truly indulge in after a long day at the office. It is a soothing vegan milk bath treat that will leave your skin nourished, smelling good and you will feel refreshed.

This My Belle product is made with vegan milk, oats, soy, rice, coconut and assorted dried flowers that varies from season to season. You will truly feel extra special with this lovely treat.

Bee-utiful Botanicals created this gentle face wash with anti-bacterial honey that is suitable for all skin types and will not strip the skin of its natural oils. Bulbinella is a key ingredient here where you with benefit from its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which will keep your PH balanced. 

No harsh chemicals are used to produce this stunning face wash and it comes in a reusable glass container.  

This toner, produced by Reinigen Naturally is a fast-penetrating toner that hydrates and removes dead skin after cleansing. It will promote a smooth, younger-looking skin by sweeping impurities away and your skin will absorb your natural skin product.  

It is a fantastic product to restore the PH balance of the skin, and to remove all traces of makeup. This product is completely paraben, sulphate and petrochemicals free.

This beautiful face oil from Derma Groen feels like a cream but works like an oil. It is the perfect remedy for dry, damaged and sensitive skin. It is made from vitamin-rich oils that will ensure fine line and wrinkles are less visible.

The prickly pear is the star of the show as its natural oils is known to reduce skin inflammation and prevent acne. Who would have known a prickly pear has magic powers?

It will arrive in a botanical tin container and are compact to store and travel with.

Oh My Health developed an anti-ageing face cream that is antibacterial, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. This moisturizer will fight wrinkles on your behalf and decrease sun damage, while ultimately promoting a healthy-looking skin.

A beautiful product that comes in a reusable glass container.

They say that it is the inside that counts! So, let’s not forget to treat our skin from the inside with a good quality collagen powder. This powder by Ursa Major is 100% pure hydrolysed collagen and contains 100% natural pure bovine Type 1+3 collagen with peptides. This is possibly one of the best and purest collagen products available in South Africa.

Benefit from its many benefits such as less wrinkles and cellulite, boosting athletic performance, improving your mood and sleep patterns and more.

Visit Moksi for more incredible handmade natural beauty products.