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4 Plants That Anyone Can Keep Alive

Keeping plants in your home can come with many benefits. Not only do they absorb Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen, but many experts believe that being around plants can lower stress and tension levels, improve concentration, and improve mood.

But some plants need sunlight, and some need shade, some need special ventilation…And so, the task of finding the right plant for your office or home can be daunting.

Here are 4 plants that you don’t need a green thumb to keep alive:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Pot Plant
Aloe Vera


Aloes are usually spiky little succulents. They tend to be stemless and have thick, fleshy leaves full of gel that fan out from their base. Your aloe may surprise you a few times a year and sprout a long stem that bears a single pink or orange flower.

Aloes prefer dry, tropical climates. The perfect spot for it indoors is a windowsill that gets plenty of bright but indirect sunlight. Aloes also thrive in soil that doesn’t hold too much water. The easiest way to kill an aloe is to overwater it. In this case, the leaves will turn brown and become soft. To avoid this, plant your aloe in a porous terracotta container that allows for proper drainage, and only water it once every 2 weeks or when the soil is about 3 quarters of the way dry.

2. Snake Plant

Potted Sansevieria plant near window at home
Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is also known as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” because of their stiff green leaves that grow upright and resemble long tongues giving out a lashing. They can range from a mere 15cm to a whopping 2.5m in height. Snake Plants can vary in colour, although they all tend to have variegated leaves: many have long green bands on their leaves and commonly feature a yellow border.

The Snake Plant thrives in almost any type of light. Pop one on a patio, a windowsill, a coffee table, the floor, or even a dark corner. If you want it to grow, a few hours of direct sun daily will do the trick. Make sure yours is planted in soil, and a pot plant drains quickly. In winter, only water it once every 2 months, while in summer, water it no more than every 2 weeks. It is susceptible to overwatering, so only water it when the soil feels dry.

Important: The Snake Plant is toxic to dogs and cats, so avoid this one if you have a pet-friendly home.

3. Delicious Monster


Delicious Monster Plant
Delicious Monster

Also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, the Delicious Monster is lush, robust, and evergreen. They are characterised by large, flat leaves that are heart-shaped with a glossy sheen. As they get older and mature, this shape changes, and the leaves develop deep slits or holes, hence the name “Swiss Cheese Plant.” They can grow to 3m tall, while their luscious leaves can grow to 30cm long or more. The best way to prevent your Monster from getting too big is to leave it in a pot plant where its roots fill the pot.

The Delicious Monster does best in areas with bright, indirect light and thrives in warm, humid weather. Avoid direct sunlight. Choose a deep pot plant with enough holes for good drainage, as these Monsters are also prone to overwatering. During the warmer months of spring and summer, water once a week. During winter and autumn, keep the soil just barely moist.

Important: The leaves of the Delicious Monster are poisonous and can cause severe burning if consumed. They can also cause skin irritation, so if this occurs, use gloves when handling this plant. Keep away from pets and children.

4. Spekboom


Spekboom Plant

Also known as the Dwarf Jade Plant, Spekboom are succulents native to South Africa. They have small green leaves dotted along a red-coloured stem. They are commonly called “miracle plants” because they can survive for months without water. Spekboom has become widely known for its exceptional ability to absorb Carbon Monoxide, making it excellent at air purification.

Spekboom loves the warmth but doesn’t like the cold, so avoid placing a potted one on tiles or a cement floor. They thrive in bright, indirect light, so anywhere in the house that gets a few hours of morning sunlight is the perfect spot for your plant. Water well during the spring and summer, but then allow the soil to almost dry out before watering again. It will grow more slowly during the colder months, so it needs to be watered less frequently.

Fun fact: Spekboom is edible and can be added to cocktails or salads once washed.

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