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Aircraft | Passenger Sea Plane (AIR_6)

Aircraft | Passenger Sea Plane (AIR_6)



Creator: Wow We
Estimated delivery between 17/07/2024 - 19/07/2024

Set Sail in the Skies with the Passenger Sea Plane Model – A Unique Crafting Adventure!Aircraft | Aircraft | Passenger Sea Plane (AIR_6)

Our Passenger Sea Plane 3D model is a delightful addition for both young model enthusiasts and collectors. This unique model captures the charm of seafaring aircraft, combining the excitement of flight with the wonder of marine exploration.

Why It’s a Must-Build:

  • Unique Design: A rare model that celebrates the dual nature of sea and sky travel.
  • Intermediate Skill Level: Rated Level 3, providing a satisfying challenge that’s not too daunting.
  • Customisable Canvas: Make it your own with acrylic or spray paint.
  • Reliable Packaging: Press out board design ensures no missing parts for a stress-free assembly.

Please Note: Glue and paint are not included, allowing for personal choice in materials.

Build, paint, and imagine the adventures of your very own Passenger Sea Plane!

Length:  375mm
Width: 310mm
Height: 120mm
Material: 3mm, MDF / Supawood
Ages: +7 years

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