Katte-Kwaad: Dummy Clip – Wood and Cotton

Katte-Kwaad: Dummy Clip – Wood and Cotton – Natural, safe and trendy cotton dummy clip. The cotton and wood dummy clip is durable, soft and safe – a great way to keep your little one’s dummy within reach or it can even serve as an extra teether. The natural cotton look of the dummy clip and beautiful recyclable packaging make it the perfect gift—assorted colours to choose from.



Creator: Katte-Kwaad
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Katte-Kwaad: Dummy Clip – Wood and Cotton – Specially designed for babies, the pacifier clip keeps the baby’s pacifier close and prevents it from falling on the floor or getting lost amongst other things. This helps to reduce the chances of it being contaminated with bacteria. The product is made from soft 100% cotton yard that is safe and comfortable for your baby.

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