My Three Dimensional, Three Piece Puzzle

My Three Dimensional, Three Piece Puzzle – Introducing shapes, colours and puzzles to little ones as early as possible is extremely important for 5 main reasons:
1. Same or different
2. Categorisation
3. Problem Solving & Spatial Relations
4. Math Skills
5. Letter Recognition
The benefits of doing intricate puzzles are huge and will give them life-long skills.
My Three Dimensional, Three Piece Puzzle is Montessori-inspired and goes well with our extensive range of Educational Montessori Equipment!
Make learning fun, interactive, and engaging!


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My Three Dimensional, Three Piece Puzzle

5 Reasons, why it is imperative to introduce shapes, colours & puzzles to little ones, as early as possible?

Same or Different:

This is the start of recognising distinctive traits objects can have. It is also the first level of categorizing.


Here little ones start learning the detailed recognition of different & / or the same, traits objects have.

Problem Solving & Spatial Relations:

Shapes are a great, fun way of introducing problem solving skills. Determining which shapes goes into which space/hole, & then actually fitting the shape in.

Math Skills:

Having a basic understanding of shapes, from a young age, will often, make math much easier.

Letter Recognition:

Shapes help with letter recognition. An early understanding of shapes, often leads to being able to recognise the difference between the shapes of the alphabet/numbers.

Benefits of doing intricate puzzles:

  • Brain training
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Practicing Patience
  • Developing Knowledge
  • Learning to distinguish small differences
  • Understanding spatial relationships
  • Develop visual perception

This leads to:

  • Learning the Alphabet more easily
  • A better understanding of mathematical concepts

While having fun, playing and learning with My Three Dimensional, Three Piece Puzzle!


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