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About Moksi

“What would you do if you could do anything?”

While waiting for a gate to board at OR Tambo International Airport, the question came up that would change the direction of two South African professionals.

What followed was a creative collaboration of business and marketing experience, market research and lengthy discussions with South African creatives and artisans. The idea that formed was a perfect combination of passion, experience and skill that collided to become something unique to offer South African creators and those looking to buy uniquely crafted products.

Moksi was born in 2022. The name derives from Moxie and refers to the noun:

“Possessing character of cleverness, skill, creativity, and fortitude to get through any situation.”

Moksi is an innovative multi-vendor, web-based company that offers a digital marketplace that caters for artisans, designers, craftsmen/women, and creators who produce exquisite high-quality handmade items. Moksi is fervently inspired by the idea of liberating the passion of crafts supporting the “handmade movement”. The industrial age with mass production has unfortunately cut deeply into these ancient arts with many fading over time.

We believe that there is nothing better than owning something that has been handmade by a skilled artisan that you know has developed, and refined rare skills to make something beautiful, unique and of excellent quality. Many of the world’s most desirable brands still, today, stand by the allure of the word “handmade” being inextricably coupled with quality. Moksi wants to bring the soul back to the atelier.

We believe that crafting and artisanship are not necessarily about creating “perfect”, beauty often lies in imperfection. We believe artisans require the space and time to finish a product and explore their expression and talent of mastering their craft. We fervently stand for supporting local handmade artisans.

As you browse through our range of products, know that these products are handcrafted and unique. Appreciate the thought, design, hours, and creative process that led to the eventual completion of the craft. When you buy through Moksi, you are buying authenticity.

You deserve a limited edition.

Moksi is an innovative online marketplace that allows artists, designers, craftsmen, and creators to [sell their handmade products] and earn money through their talent and hard work. We value their experience and high-quality handmade products.

Handmade has always been important to us. We believe that a handmade product speaks the language of culture and heritage. Thus, Moksi has created an online platform for all such individuals with gifted talents to [sell handmade items online] in South Africa.

We believe that anything made with hands holds a special place not only in someone’s life but also in the market. So we provided handmade products in a place where people can value them and buy them directly from the Creators. Also, those hands that craft such high-quality products should be appreciated, so we connect the buyer and seller to experience effective communication and acknowledgment. 

Creators from all over South Africa are welcome to join the platform and spread their art and designs. We have an increasing number of Creators who became part of the Moksi family over the past year and we as a family are expanding. We at Moksi, appreciate little imperfections that make the craft unique and beautiful.

The quality of the products is uncompromised and the authenticity is guaranteed. Now buy and sell handmade items on Moksi to satisfy your art aesthetics. Browse through thousands of handmade items in various categories. Hundreds of Creators have contributed their unique handmade creations on Moksi for you to buy online.

Buying [authentic handmade crafts] has become easier with Moksi, as we make the process easier, safer, quicker and transparent.

Check out our online shopping marketplace to buy and sell handmade items including clothes, home decor, furniture, jewellery, paintings, fashion accessories, shoes, bags, candles, and much more.