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We at Moksi put our people first and thus we know how important it is for both the Creators and the buyers to know the processes and policies of Moksi. From time to time we have received many relatable questions and thus in a series of frequently asked questions, we have tried to answer all your queries.

The frequently asked questions section at Moksi has been further divided into two sections, FAQs for Buyers and FAQs for Creators to cater to all the valid questions you have. Our extensive range of frequently asked questions for buyers answers their questions regarding delivery dates, times, transit periods, methods of payment, product quality, account retrieval, and much more.

Moksi has always tried to make your experience as a buyer hassle-free and convenient. We do not want customers to have an unsatisfactory experience at Moksi or with any of our Creators. We have developed a bond with them for years and we are looking forward to doing this for years to come. Thus we go the extra mile to facilitate our buyers. 

For the Creators, we have a separate section answering queries related to account creation, account retrieval, benefits of becoming creators, policies, charges, payment security, and many more. With our frequently asked questions, we also answer popular queries of people interested in buying or [selling crafts online]. Moksi has always treated the Creators as part of our huge family and we take care of our own. We ensure that the Creators are equipped with tips and ideas to grow their business and that they are well-informed about new policies and developments in the field of online marketing. We ensure our Creators do their jobs effortlessly. 

So if you have any queries about how things go around here at Moksi, browse through our frequently asked questions section.

FAQ – For Buyers

Everything our customers need to know.

FAQ – For Creators

Everything our creators need to know.