FAQ for Creators

FAQ for Creators

At Moksi, we not only help you create your online profile and run your business, but as a team, we help resolve all your issues and queries. To do what we intend to, we have answered all potential questions in a detailed Creator’s FAQ. Our Creators’ FAQ is dedicated to all new and already registered Creators at Moksi. We intend to create a platform that makes your business flourish and grow without any obstacles. 

If you have a product that has been handmade, handcrafted or personally designed, you can join Moksi as a Creator. Designers and artists are also welcomed to join Moksi too. Moksi also caters for digital products such as designs, invitations and digital art.

We are looking for the unique, distinct, and authentic creators of South Africa.

You need to be able to adhere to service standards as indicated by Moksi [terms and conditions] and resolve buyer queries timely and in a professional manner.

Currently Moksi only allows for Creators selling from South Africa. Watch this space though!

  • You need a name for your business (does not need to be a registered business).
  • A short portfolio on yourself and your products to build your portfolio. Tell people your story!
  • A logo and a banner (similar to that of a Facebook banner). Please speak to us if you need help with this.
  • A policy that guides the buyer on your products, such as delivery turnaround times, your return policy and personalisation. Consider any factors such as natural products that may swell, grains that may differ, sizing etc.
  • You need to have decent quality photographs of your products. Moksi may decline your product uploads if the quality is not up to standard. Click [here] for tips on taking great photos for e-commerce. The Creator is required to use their own photography and videography content when uploading their product. 
  • You need to have accurate descriptions of your products and think of tag words that people will type in to find your product.
  • A bank card where your monthly subscription can be deducted from.
  • A bank account where we can pay you for all future sales.

Products that are uniquely designed and / or handmade by you or by someone in your employment. If your product is handmade by someone other than you or an employee working for you, you need their permission to sell the products online.

Products produced in bulk and imported are not permitted under any circumstances.

Art, designs, and photography are also allowed to be sold on Moksi. Craft supplies locally made and in support of handcrafted products will be allowed.

Products and designs that infringes on intellectual property, drugs, alcohol and tobacco products and products that resemble mature content will not be allowed to be sold on Moksi.

The monthly cost is from R139 per month, which gives you access to a dashboard behind the scenes with all the bells and whistles.

When you sell a product, there is a 8% commission for Moksi on the value of the product, and a 4.5% financial transaction cost on the total value of the sale.

Please click [here] to see the Moksi fee structure.

  • Benefit from the massive audience reach that only a marketplace can offer.
  • Our main aim is to bring the Creator and the Buyer together. We are continuously making significant marketing investments to target the right Buyers that is looking to buy your uniquely crafted products.
  • Over and above our marketing efforts, we also offer our Creators the opportunity to create featured content that we promote on their behalf.
  • Our shop runs and is managed 24/7.
  • Our seller platform is super easy to use.
  • We give you all the tools to sell in a secure and trusted digital environment.
  • You are in complete control. If you happen to sell out, simply update your stock levels or request “holiday mode” while you create new inventory. You also get to use your choice of courier company.
  • Moksi has gone out of their way to build a platform with all the bells and whistles to make your life easy, so that you can do what you love.

When you get a sale, our system will automatically inform you thereof. You can then package the product and ship it directly to the buyer. You can use your courier of choice.

Moksi gives you the option to use whichever courier company you wish to. There are no restrictions on which supplier to use. Once your parcel has been collected, you can update the status and include the tracking number and URL as to where your buyer can go to track the parcel. 

Once you have updated the status, your buyer will receive an email to keep them up to date. 

We also cater for local pick-up.

If you are VAT registered, consider adding VAT to the total amount you are charging. You can also consider adding delivery into your product cost to promote free delivery.

This will depend on the subscription option you select. Please view our options [here].

We make payments every Friday. The Creator gets to choose when they want to request their withdrawals. Cut-off of withdrawals are Thursdays at 12 noon. 

Withdrawals are only allowed on "completed" orders - which refers to orders that has been delivered.

If there is a return enquiry, the buyer will be prompted to contact the Moksi Creator directly on the Moksi platform. The Creator will liaise with the buyer in a professional and timely manner and arrange for the return. Please ensure that your returns policy is clearly defined on your Moksi profile to avoid any misunderstandings.

The Creator’s return process must be underpinned by the Moksi terms and conditions [click here to view].

Yes, this option is available to all Moksi Creators. Although we are fully committed to supporting all our Creators, you do have the opportunity to shine some extra light on your products by purchasing a marketing bundle to get a little push on our website, social media channels and/or our emailers. Click [here] for more information on our marketing packages.

We understand, as a Creator, you might have several questions and over time we have heard from you a list of familiar questions. To save you time and energy and help you become more familiar with [how we work at Moksi], we have created a section of frequently asked questions, especially for the Creators.

The Creators have plenty of questions answering issues regarding profile creation, profile retrieval, password reset, cost of profile creation, requirements, subscription fee, shipping options, and [benefits of selling at Moksi]. We also enlighten you about how you can become a productive part of the community and sell your products online to help the handmade industry flourish. We have a detailed section about policies, terms and conditions, and what you can sell at Moksi. We also have answered questions related to marketing bundles, payment security, transparency, and customer care. To go through a wide range of FAQs for Creators, visit the frequently asked section page on our website Moksi.co.za.

We have always tried to keep our sellers equipped with all the information they need to grow on our [online shopping marketplace] so that they can take maximum benefits from the platform. So, if you are someone who is looking to become a Moksi Creator, you must visit our FAQ for Creators to get the initial knowledge. Please contact us directly if you have any further questions.