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We at Moksi have always put our customers as the priority and for this reason, we have a growing customership. The extensive customer relationship looks forward to being heard and answered. For complete customer support and care, we offer a support consultant to assist you during working hours. If you are looking for more information or you have any questions, you can ask our customer care support team.


Where can I track my parcel?

This depends on the Courier Company selected by the Creator. We encourage all Creators to notify the buyer with all relevant shipping information such as Courier Company and Tracking Number.

Are all your products locally made?

Yes, Moksi prides itself in supporting local South African Creators & Designers.

How am I supporting local Creators when buying from Moksi?

Moksi provides a platform for local Creators to sell their handmade items, so every purchase you make, contributes to their sales. Tell everyone you know!

Do you deliver outside of South Africa?

For now, we can only deliver within the borders of South Africa. Watch this space for expansion!

Can I buy from multiple Moksi Creators at the same time?

We have made life easy for you. Moksi caters for multiple purchases with one checkout. Please note that varied delivery costs may apply as each vendor would still charge for delivery where applicable. Delivery fees may vary for various products, as cost is based on distance, weight, and volume.

How do I return a parcel if I am not satisfied?

You can reach out to the Moksi Creator directly on our platform and inform them of your request to return the product. Please take note of the Moksi Creator’s return policy on their profile. We suggest you use the Moksi platform for communication purposes to protect your privacy and to give us a view of your experience.

To chat to the Moksi Creator, visit your Order History and request support from here. There is an option to message the Moksi Creator directly.

What is the average turnaround time to receive my order?

Your order is shipped directly from the Moksi Creator, which could be anywhere in South Africa. Please have a look at the Moksi Creator’s policy to confirm turnaround time. On average you should receive your order within 2-5 working days. It may take longer if you are based in a rural area and / or if your product is personalised or custom-made. Please see indication on the Moksi Creator’s profile or product description.

To chat to the Moksi Creator, visit your Order History and request support from here. There is an option to message the Moksi Creator directly.

Do you have a physical store?

No, we don’t, that is why we built you an awesome online store to buy from. 24/7 and from anywhere in South Africa.

How can I sell my products on Moksi – become a Moksi Creator?

We would love to have you onboard. Simply click [here] to start the registration process.

[Click here] for more information to become a Moksi Creator.


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Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.

We do not want our customers to feel less informed and thus we keep our process clear and transparent. We make sure all orders are confirmed and delivered on time. 

For the Creators, we provide complete payment security and privacy. Still, many people have various questions regarding our process, orders, payment, delivery dates, and interface. 

For all such customers, we have an online help centre and we guarantee complete customer care support to each individual. Buyers can also reach out to Creators directly by clicking on their profiles.

The ‘contact us’ page on asks you to fill out the query form for all your problems and questions. All you need to do is fill the form with relevant information like name, cell phone, email, and query/message. Shortly, you will receive a call or mail addressing your issue at Moksi. 

Moreover, your initial queries may have already been answered in our [extensive FAQs] section on the “contact us” page. There are answers to the questions of both the buyer and the seller. These answers address basic queries like [how to become a Creator], how to buy online, what is the transit time or when your parcel will be delivered. Questions like these and many more are answered to prevent you from waiting for a reply. 

In case you still need guidance and you have queries, please fill out the form and send us a message. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. So reach out to us today!