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Are home aesthetics your priority? Buy [handmade home decor products] on Moksi now to add a bit of colour and splashes to your home. We all want our home decor to be perfect. Apart from being aesthetically amazing, we want our place to be peaceful and speak your language. What can speak louder than handcrafted home decor that you can connect with or something that tells your story?

Moksi provides a huge range of handmade [home decor products] ranging from baskets to candles. The elegant and unique pillow covers are something that everyone looks forward to buying.


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Moksi has a beautiful collection of [wooden furniture] for home decor. These pieces of furniture are contributed by top artists and gifted locals, who have carved the wood finely and precisely to make it a masterpiece. The furniture includes vintage tables, Bamilleke, and much more. These are finely crafted products by Creators of Africa. Thus, they speak of culture, heritage, and purity.

Moksi provides a huge range of scented candles. You can buy beautiful and aromatic scented candles from all over South Africa only at Moksi. Our online shopping marketplace has various reputable contributors to candles and room fragrances which not only makes the room appealing but also creates a soothing atmosphere and leaves a lovely aroma.

Moreover, Moksi provides a complete range of wall hangings, decorations, and paintings to choose from. You can now browse through a huge collection of wall decor items and aesthetic hangings to add to your space. Also, you can buy from our extensive range of pillows and cushions. These cushions add patterns and colours to the space and complement the furniture.

Moksi is a complete store to [buy home decor products online]. Visit to go through our unique and distinct collection of furniture, wall hangings, candles, paintings, and cushions.