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How to manage your inventory on Moksi

The freedom to sell on Moksi is here! 

As a Moksi Creator, you may wonder what the ideal level of inventory is to sell on Moksi? The question has multiple answers depending on your type of craft and the time you have at hand to create. We know that many of the Moksi Creators create in their spare time. Juggling a full-time job, studies, and family responsibilities in between creating the most amazing, handcrafted products are some common challenges.  

The benefit of selling online is that you have far more power to control your inventory vs preparing to go to a physical market. Here are a few ways how Moksi can help you:

Can I create my product on a successful order? 

Yes, you can create a product once you have a successful order. This comes in handy for personalised or custom crafts. Keep in mind that you would need to have a product available to take some photographs to upload onto Moksi, but from there you can work on a minimum order scenario granted you have indicated a preparation time for your product.  

For the best customer experience, we do suggest that you have at least two or three items of a product available before uploading.  

How do I inform the buyer that I need time to prepare? 

Moksi has a built-in feature where you can indicate your “preparation time” to prepare your product. This allocation of time is separate from shipping time. This gives you, the Creator, the time you need to create and prepare your product and, best of all, your buyer is informed (even before the sale takes place) of how long the total waiting period will be for the order to reach them.  

Is a minimum stock level required to sell on Moksi? 

No, Moksi does not require a minimum stock level. The quantity needs to indicate 1 or more though as it would reflect “sold out” if you list it as zero. This is handy for the artists and creators who only wish to create one-of-a-kind products. 

What happens if I need some time to build up more stock? 

Simply activate the “go on vacation” functionality to indicate that your shop is not available to take orders for the time being. You can use this functionality to give you time to create new stock or when you are on a break. This can be found under Settings on your Creator Dashboard.

How can I get notified if stock runs low? 

When uploading your product, be sure to click on “Enable stock management”. Here you will get the option to insert stock quantity, as well as a “low stock threshold”. Should you reach the low stock threshold, you will receive a notification from Moksi to inform you so that you can stock up.  

Can Moksi prevent/allow backorders if I am out of stock? 

Like most things at Moksi, you are in complete control of this. Under “enable stock management” you will get the option to either: 

  1. Allow a customer to order,  
  2. Allow the customer but with a special notice,  
  3. Or not allow an order at all.  

These options give you the freedom to manage your inventory as you wish. 

We are completely open to suggestions from our Creators to improve our processes. Any recommendations can be sent to [email protected]. 

Happy selling!