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5 Exciting Decor Trends for 2023

During the global pandemic, when everyone was confined to their homes, that home became a living and working space we could not escape. Over time, that living space became a sanctuary. Many people who had never thought much about decor before were suddenly presented with the reality of what defined their personal living space. It’s no surprise that in our post-pandemic world, particularly in 2023, there has been a dramatic shift towards embracing comfort, serenity, and happiness in decor trends.

1. Forgetting the Straight and Narrow

One of the first things to go has been the hard horizontal lines that have defined interior design for over a decade. Instead, there has been a shift towards curved, smooth edges that evoke softness and comfort. These curves may take the form of an item of furniture or decoration itself, such as a couch or wall hanging, or the geometric pattern that adorns it. From oval coffee tables to kidney-shaped trinket bowls, this decor softens sharp edges and provides a sense of serenity. You could also add curves to your walls with French mirrors or your floors with a circular rug.

Add curves to your dining room with the Abigail placemat, both beautiful and functional table decor:

Abigail Placemat
The Abigail Placemat

The Oval Stone Candle is scented vanilla and is the perfect addition to any side or coffee table:

Oval Stone Candle
The Oval Stone Candle

2. Living with Nature

After being cooped indoors for over a year, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest trends for 2023 has been to move the natural world indoors. Decor made from natural materials – or patterned to look like them – such as wood, marble, and stone are all winners this year. Decorators are also filling their homes with greenery in the form of shrubs and leafy pot plants. Hues of moss green, sky blue, and earthy reds and browns are the colours of choice for mimicking the beauty of the natural world indoors. Prints of flowers, animal patterns, and landscapes are also excellent choices.

Add the joy of a plant to your office, living room, or bedroom with the Groot Planter Combo:

Groot Planter Combo
Groot Planter Combo

Or try out the exquisite Marble patterned Jesmonite Trinket Tray in your kitchen or dining room:


Jesmonite Trinket Tray
Jesmonite Trinket Tray

3. Decorating for Happiness

Sometimes called “Dopamine Dressing” because of the hormone our brains release when we are happy, this concept is basically straightforward: decorate in ways that make you happy. This manifests as warm, bright colours, luxurious fabrics, flowers, animal prints, geometric patterns, and soft textures for most people. This doesn’t necessarily mean decorating your room with these items from floor to ceiling, but instead, you could choose neutral decor, but add in the happiness in the form of a floral table runner, a large wall hanging, or some brightly coloured scatter cushions.

Not only does this scatter cushion have beautiful bright yellow colour pops, but it also will please any lover of flowers:

Yellow Daisy Scatter Cushion
Yellow Daisy Scatter Cushion


Show off the beautiful colours and striking designs of these ShweShwe placemats:

ShweShwe placemat
ShweShwe Placemat

4. Blast from the Past

Antiques and vintage-inspired decor has made a massive comeback this year. The nostalgic design incorporating comfort inspired by ‘70s and ‘80s boho designs has returned to people’s homes. In what some call “Granny Chic”, decorators choose corduroy fabrics, chunky blankets, handmade quilts, and pillar candles for that cosy feel. Pieces with an antique feel, like lamps, intricate geometric woodwork, bold wallpaper and wall hangings, mustards and earth tones are also being chosen to create a rustic, log cabin atmosphere. Bold-toned plaid patterns are also great for throws, pillows, and rugs.

This handmade crocheted granny square afghan is the perfect throwback to the ‘70s and so cosy too:

A Million Little Grannies
A Million Little Grannies

The wooden layered lotus flower is a stunning statement piece for your walls:


wooden layered lotus flower
Wooden Layered Lotus Flower


5. Sustainable is the New Black

As consumers worldwide are becoming increasingly conscious about their ecological footprint, they choose to decorate their homes using sustainable decor instead of doing so in a way that harms the environment. Decorators recycle, refurbish, and repair secondhand items and choose local, handmade products instead of those mass-produced in factories. There is also a strong focus on using organic and repurposed materials. Moksi is the perfect platform to find sustainable decor because it is full of artisans, designers, and crafters creating products from scratch.

Try out these recycled coconut bowls for some eco-friendly table decor:

recycled coconut bowls
Recycled Coconut Bowls

This headset stand will not only keep your headphones in the right shape but it’s made from stunning sustainable Beechwood:


Beechwood Headset Stand
Beechwood Headset Stand