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Meet Our Creator: Masnoena From Pink Ivy Handcrafted Jewelry

Meet Our Creator: Masnoena from Pink Ivy Handcrafted Jewelry. In a world filled with mass-produced goods, there’s something extraordinary about owning a handcrafted piece that embodies uniqueness and creativity. Masnoena Judson, lovingly known as Noena, is the self-taught metalsmith and creative entrepreneur behind Pink Ivy Handcrafted Jewelry. Her sleek, modern, and eco-friendly creations have captured the hearts of many, and she showcases her products on Moksi, an online marketplace for handcrafted goods.

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Born and raised in the vibrant city of Cape Town, Masnoena initially pursued a career as a social worker, working as a program assistant for an NGO during the day. However, her passion for creating beautiful jewelry led her to embark on a journey as a metalsmith by night. With dreams of running her jewelry business full-time, Masnoena tirelessly dedicates her evenings to her craft.

Her journey began with metal hand-stamping using a small kit from Impress Art. However, it was in metalsmithing that she found an unrivalled boost to her creative desires. For the past 18 months, Masnoena has been honing her skills as a metalsmith, hand-forging brass using jewelry tools and fire to craft her symbolic and modern designs. Transforming raw materials into wearable art brings her immense joy and fulfilment.

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Masnoena’s foray into selling her creations started tentatively with one-off pieces shared among family and friends. As the positive feedback poured in and her jewelry gained recognition, she expanded her reach, establishing a loyal following on Instagram and participating in craft maker markets. Encouraged by the response, she further developed her collection, which is now home on the Moksi platform.

Creativity has always been a defining aspect of Masnoena’s personality. She has a profound appreciation for simplicity and honest materials, which she infuses into every piece she creates. With Pink Ivy Handcrafted Jewelry, Masnoena envisions metal transformed into gorgeous, wearable reminders for women, empowering them to embrace their strength and beauty. Her jewelry catalyses women to show up as their best selves, exuding confidence and radiance in every situation.

By crafting affordable and durable jewelry, Masnoena offers an alternative to the fast fashion industry. Brass, the primary material she works with, aligns perfectly with her commitment to sustainability. Nearly 90% of brass is derived from recycled scrap, so her jewelry has a minimal environmental impact. Choosing brass means no mountains are removed, indigenous people displaced, animal habitats destroyed, or waterways made unusable. Moreover, brass is 100% recyclable, making recycling less energy-intensive.

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Masnoena appreciates working with brass for its sustainable qualities, aesthetic appeal, and relative affordability. The metal’s striking golden hue adds a touch of elegance to her creations, making them stand out at a lower price point than silver or gold. Additionally, brass is a versatile metal with properties that make it an excellent choice for jewelry. It is unlikely to cause allergies, as it is an alloy of zinc and copper.

Among Masnoena’s many accomplishments, one that stands out is her selection to participate in the Craft & Design Institute SCALE Programme. This bespoke 18-month training and mentorship program for local small businesses has provided her invaluable support and guidance on her entrepreneurial journey.

Beyond her passion for jewelry making, Masnoena is also an avid beginner runner, constantly challenging herself to go the extra mile. She dreams of conquering a half marathon shortly. During her downtime, she enjoys sipping a comforting cup of tea or indulging in a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Furthermore, Masnoena takes pride in her exceptional Prawn Curry recipe, a testament to her culinary skills.

For Masnoena, her jewelry is not just an artistic expression; it reflects her personality, passed on to her customers through her carefully crafted pieces. Seeing her customers embrace and enjoy wearing her jewelry brings her immense joy and satisfaction.

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Leafy Earrings Masnoena

As Masnoena continues to evolve as a creative entrepreneur and metalsmith, her vision remains steadfast. She aims to create jewelry that empowers women, promotes sustainability, and offers a refreshing alternative to mass-produced fashion. Pink Ivy Handcrafted Jewelry is a testament to her passion, dedication, and artistic talent, and the future looks promising as she continues to make her mark in the world of handcrafted jewelry.

Masoena’s jewelry can be found on Moksi- please click [here].