Meet the Moksi Creator, Frances, the girl who made it against all odds

Meet the Moksi Creator, Frances, the girl who made it against all odds

Embracing the arts has always been her passion – drawing, painting, creating, sewing – a world of endless possibilities. Yet, like many, the practicality of paying bills often led her down a different path. She found herself in various office jobs, proficient but yearning for something more.

Pursuing freedom, she took the opportunity to ‘work from home’ within the confines of another office job. Simultaneously, she ventured into a side business creating novelty cakes, a venture that thrived for a decade. It was blissful initially, juggling her at-home office job and a company aligned with my true passion. However, the relentless pace took its toll, leaving her exhausted and burnt out.

In 2017, a life-altering diagnosis of stage 4 ovarian cancer shook her to the core. The prognosis was grim, urging her to compile a bucket list. Refusing to succumb, she fought through the gruelling experience of chemotherapy and emerged as a survivor in 2024, adamant about being cancer-free and grateful for a second chance at life.

With a heavy heart, she closed the chapter on her beloved cake business, realizing the need to slow down. Continuing her ‘work from home’ office job, she sought meaningful ways to stay busy. A journey into her past hobbies left her unsatisfied until she stumbled upon recycling.

Using discarded cardboard boxes from stores, I transformed them into exquisite keepsake boxes, secret books, drawers, cabinets, and various storage solutions. In my exploration, I discovered a unique niche in South Africa – repurposing cardboard into artful creations. With only glue, tissue paper, varnish, and occasionally purchased hardware, I craft surprisingly sturdy products that defy the cardboard origin.

Meet Frances, the resilient creator who defied the odds, transitioning from a challenging health battle to a sustainable and creative endeavour. Today, her mission extends beyond personal fulfilment; it involves contributing, even in a small way, to the planet’s well-being through recycled art.

So, this is her, Frances –  the ‘girl’ who made it against all odds. Find more of Frances’s products in her Moksi store – Not too Shabby Chic.


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