Cape Sugarbirds - Moksi

Cape Sugarbirds

Cape Sugarbirds. The sugarbirds are native to the Western Cape. This group is perfect for a patio wall, or above a door opening.




Creator: Flora Simonis
Estimated delivery between 28/06/2024 - 22/07/2024

Cape Sugarbirds – Flora Simonis has been part of the landscaping community for over 20 years, crafting beautiful gardens that turned houses into homes. While our gardens bloom with the most beautiful greenery, sometimes something extra is needed to complete the picture. Thus we brought to life our own garden decorations range. We are very proud to present our first collection: The Flat Friends.

This beautiful rusted metal silhouette of Cape Sugarbirds will add something special to your garden. Also available in powder coated charcoal black.

Rusted steel.

Laser cut in 1,6mm mild steel.

Colours available: Hand-rusted or charcoal black powder coat

Made by Flora Simonis

No refunds or returns available at this time.

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