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Devil Heart Tripple Red Resin Earrings

Devil Heart Tripple Red Resin Earrings

If you are a little sinical about the Valentine’s day or enjoy making snarky comments with a great sense of humour – Tada !!

I have the earrings for you. Choose any 2 of the 4 strings to make up a pair of earrings.

Great earings before, after and during Valentine’s month.

I carefully made these using my own molds and adding red pigment and holographic glitter.


Less than 2 in stock, hurry!


Creator: HoneyDog Designs
Estimated delivery between 17/07/2024 - 19/07/2024

Devil Heart Tripple Red Resin Earrings

The item is made from scratch, pouring and setting resin using silicone molds made in my studio and some bought from mold-making artists. Colours are achieved by adding quality resin pigments and lots of glitter where appropriate ( or not so appropriate – I love glitter !!) I buy original designs from artists across the world and do not use designs without the appropriate permissions.

I carefully choose designs I personally love and gets me excited to make them !!
Each item is individually molded and finished. I do not make lots of the same but I am happy to make on request. I would also consider doing it in different colors should there be a need.

I work from my home studio in Hillcrest, KZN and love working with resin, glitter and lots of colour !!

Made with love by Honeydog_designs.

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