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Luxury pet blankets in assorted shades x 3

Wild Woofy luxury pet blankets are one of our big sellers. They are not the cheapest pet blanket but are very good and last and can be washed again and again and function perfectly for years. But the biggest benefit is that the dogs just love them.  They are a perfect addition to any bed or sleeping position as dogs prefer a bed in a ruffled-up state and these blankets achieve this need perfectly. We will supply the blankets in a variety of colours but they all wash easily with a decent detergent and stain remover if needed. Approximate size 1200 mm x 1000 mm.



Creator: wild woofy
Estimated delivery between 19/06/2024 - 21/06/2024

Wild Woofy luxury pet blankets are so good that many of our customers buy them to use personally as knee rugs.

But enough of that. As a dog blanket they are just great. Thick, comfortable, easy to wash, they last for ages and are strong and do not fall to pieces like many of the entry level products sold as dog blankets. And most importantly your dogs will just love them.

They are supplied in a range of colors and in our bundle pack we mix up this colour selection.

They are great gift for dog lovers and we feel as soon as you get to know this product you will be back for more.

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