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Silicone Moulds for Cutting Boards and Trays

Rectangular Silicone Mould Size 480mm x 310mm and 42mm deep. Custom large-format Silicone Moulds. Create your own river tables, live edge wood, boards, and trays with this large-format silicon mould.



Creator: Steer_cre8
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Quality silicone moulds by Steer_Cre8 are necessary for any serious woodworker, artist, or crafter that creates with wood, epoxy, concrete, plaster, soap, wax, urethane plastic, rubber, polyester casting resin, and some low-melt metals.

Importing quality moulds to South Africa is expensive due to their weight and other factors. A Steer_Cre8 silicone mould is manufactured locally with great care to ensure a symmetric form, smoothness, and clarity, which is especially important when working with epoxy resin. The blanks from which the silicone moulds are made are sanded to 4000 grit for a smooth surface. Other than cheap Chinese imports, our moulds are cast with thick and rigid side walls for form, not needing any support.

The moulds are leakproof, flexible yet durable, and never need assembly or sealing. Superior to HDPE and wood, our silicone moulds save time and money. They are effortless to set up or de-mould. There is no need to clamp down wood, and the final product easily pops out and has little wastage.

The silicone moulds are heat resistant to around 200 degrees Celsius but should not be exposed to direct contact with a flame. Instead, briskly wave your heat source to pop bubbles.

Our moulds are reusable, and with care, you can get between 20 and 30 uses out of a mould. So when amortising the cost of your mould over 30 uses, you will already see a significant saving compared to wood, sealant, and screws. Even more so when you factor your time and frustration into the equation.

Properly caring for your mould involves using a non-silicone-based mould release spray and adequately mixing your epoxy to avoid bonding and mould tare. Don’t use cooking spray, wax, vaseline, silicone-based sprays, or sprays designed for urethane or polyester products.

Now create river tables, live edge wood, boards, and trays with our large-format silicon moulds. Now you can focus on your creative ideas and not struggle to create a leakproof, easy-to-demould mould from random material.

Steer_Cre8 also does custom-sized silicon moulds and will gladly assist you with any project.

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