Say Goodbye to Boring! Wall Decorating Hacks

Everyone wants their living space to be a safe haven, with decorations and furnishings carefully chosen to showcase their personality and personalise the space. But many people may forget about decorating their walls, a large blank canvas, and focus instead on the most practical – furnishings, pillows, and trinkets.

While it may seem daunting, wall decorating can be an exciting process. But, where do you start? And how do you choose from all the available colours, styles, textures, and art pieces?

To start, think about the room you want to decorate. Do you want your wall art to blend in or stand out? What colour theme does that room have already, and do you want to highlight them? And what sort of mood do you want to create in the space?

Once you have those questions answered, you can move on to choosing your wall art pieces. Use more than one kind of art form, options: paintings, drawings, woodwork, weavings, fabrics.

Remember that art is all about feeling and emotion. Perhaps you like a piece, and you aren’t sure why. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just choose it because it speaks to you.

Here are three ideas for decorating your walls:

Choose Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light so they can make a room feel brighter and more prominent, and so they are the perfect choice for a dimmer or smaller space. You could choose to hang a mirror or mirrors on the wall instead of a piece of wall art. Some mirrors are so beautiful and ornate that they become wall art.

Once you have chosen where you want to hang your mirror, take a look at the reflection, and just double-check that you like it. If the mirror reflects an unappealing area of the room, you may want to rethink your positioning. You could also try hanging multiple smaller or medium-sized mirrors next to each other.

The exquisite Melanie Mirror is a rectangular mirror with a wooden frame, and it would be the perfect piece on any wall:

Mirror with a square black frame.
The Melanie Mirror by Lani Decor

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller and curvier, the Gretha Mirror, a circular mirror with a wooden frame, will be right up your alley:

Round mirror with sqaure, white, wooden frame
The Gretha Mirror by Lani Decor

Hang Plates or Other Collectibles

For those looking for a unique but cost-effective way to decorate a wall, hanging plates is a great option. Hanging multiple plates on a wall gives you the opportunity to showcase a number of different patterns and colours. You can use wire plate hangers or adhesive discs to display your favourite side plates, dishes, bowls, and serving platters.

Before you begin hanging them, choose all the plates you want to use. Measure your wall, then measure all the plates you want to hang. Choose a layout that will best show off your plates, and then sketch it out on a piece of paper first. Once you are happy with the layout, then begin hanging them on the wall. This technique works for almost any item you have made a collection of that could be hung on a wall.

This Frida Kahlo Stoneware Dessert Bowl would look beautiful hung on the wall:

Dessert bowl in Autumn colours with Frida Kahlo as artwork.
The Stoneware Frida Dessert Bowl by Rabbit Ceramic Studio

Or, think outside the box and hang some beautiful handmade, woven baskets on the walls instead of plates:

Wall basket setup
Binga Wall Baskets Décor by Penny Whistle Bead and Wire

Choose a Statement Piece

You don’t have to choose to decorate a single wall with multiple pictures or items. If you want to make a big statement in a room with a large, blank, wall you can choose one piece of art that draws all the attention to itself by being so bold, large, and unique. A large painting, such as an abstract, portrait, or landscape, or a large mounted photo on canvas can all add the wow factor to a room. You could choose to hang fabric or other textiles as your statement piece. There are also statement pieces made of different materials, such as ceramics, wood, and wire.

This quilted wall decor piece paying homage to Africa would make a stunning statement piece:

Heart in Africa
African quilted wall décor by The Quilting Co

And this macrame wall hanging, made with 100% cotton cord, will add some texture to stark walls:

Macrame cord wall decor
Steffi Macramé Wall Hanging Décor by Needle & Claw

You could also try something truly one-of-a-kind with this unique black metal line art statement piece:

Wall decor lady made of black wire
Black Metal Sophia Wall Décor by LIVING THINGS CREATIVE