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Buying Handmade Supports the Sustainable Movement

We live in a time when people all around the globe are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact we, as humans, are having on our world. Preserving our planet is essential not only to us but to the future of our children and descendants. Suppose we all want our children and their children to access the same abundance of natural resources. In that case, we must find a way to contribute to the sustainable movement as individuals and reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability, in this case, refers to utilising Earth’s natural resources to promote the long-term availability of those resources. It is usually linked to things such as low-impact farming practices that yield food for many years and support one’s local economy to reduce the global cost of transporting goods across large distances by plane or by boat.  On an individual level, there are many things you can do to support the sustainability movement – such as recycling, supporting local farming practices, using your car less, and buying locally made, handmade items.

Handmade products are usually created by individuals using traditional techniques, crafts, and tools instead of through mass industrial production. By purchasing these types of items, you are not only supporting artists and craftspeople, but you are also supporting the sustainable movement. This is because these methods have a lower ‘carbon footprint’ – they generate less waste – and also tend to use natural or recycled materials. 

This beautiful Baby Dress, for example, is crafted with such traditional techniques and natural materials, ensuring the garment’s softness and comfort against a toddler’s delicate skin:

Baby Dress – Purple
Purple Baby Dress by African Dream

Natural materials can be recycled. This means that if they need to be discarded due to irreparable breakage, they can ultimately be broken down and used to create another product. In addition, using natural materials not only looks good, but they also feel good to the touch. 

For example, have a look at this Insect House made from 100% recycled material, which can attract beneficial insects to your garden:

Insect House / Bug House / Garden Décor
Insect House by IOTAfrica

Handmade products are also usually one-of-a-kind and are a reflection of the individuality and creativity of the artist. This encourages someone purchasing them to appreciate them for their craftsmanship and reduces the need for mass production, generating large amounts of waste. 

Items formed through methods such as knitting, sewing or crocheting are great examples of how patterns can be significantly individualised and unique, such as with this Multicolour Crochet Blanket:

Multicolour Crochet Blanket
Multicolour Crochet Blanket by Handmade by J.P

A bonus of buying handcrafted items is that the artistry and effort put into making them are usually obvious at a glance. This Bead and Wire Lion decoration, which creates minimal waste to create, very clearly demonstrates how the work and effort put into a handmade item is on display:

Bead and Wire Lion
Bead and Wire Lion by Penny Whistle Bead and Wire

Handmade products are often more durable and last for much longer. This is because they are made with a focus on quality and the ability to last a long time before needing to be replaced, as opposed to being cheaply mass-produced. They are also often repairable. These factors once more reduce the need to continuously replace a handmade item – simultaneously reducing waste and being more cost-effective in the long term. 

Take a look at this durable Leather Toiletry Bag, which also offers free personalised engraving as a bonus: 

Greater Leather Toiletry Bag by Ditholo Leather Creations

Hardwood, for another example, is quite durable and can be made from sustainable species of trees such as birch. Check out this stylish Headphone Stand made from birch plywood:

Headphone Stand
Headphone Stand by The Man Stand

Finally, as handmade products are made with care and time, purchasers of handmade products are more inclined to appreciate and consider their purchase – instead of non-handmade products typically designed to be discarded and replaced to continue the cycle of mindless consumption. 

A handcrafted item “tells a story” so to speak, and using a homemade item to commemorate a special occasion makes that occasion even more meaningful. For example, this handmade Promise Ring Box makes giving your significant other a meaningful piece of jewellery more distinctive and memorable. It is something you can keep for many years to remind you of that moment:

“I Promise” Ring Box
“I Promise” Ring Box by EeziLazer Worx

Buying durable, sustainably sourced, and meaningful purchasing handmade products is a very impactful and significant decision you can make to help preserve the environment, support the sustainable movement, and lower your carbon footprint.