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Islands In The Sun – Bath Bombs

Islands in the sun – bath bombs are each hand made and look very simplistic, yet stunning. Each bomb shows a beautiful tropical pastel colored flower on top, and gives one just a true show of elegance in simplicity. Great for just relaxing and getting away! These bath bombs makes one think of laying down on white sandy tropical beaches while drinking a Pina Colada and drifting off into your dreams.


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Creator: EL ROI - bath products
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Islands In The Sun – Bath Bombs are colored in a beautiful coral base coloring, representing the coral reefs around various tropical Islands. All are hand made to size ‘Large’. Each flower on top is eco friendly, water dissolving and non toxic.

These gorgeous bath bombs are all scented a gorgeous tropical combination of mixed scents ( Tropicana, Pina colada, Orange, Peach with Rosemary undertone). Each bath bomb comes shrink-wrapped for their protection, and make fantastic gifts for friends and family – or rather to simply indulge in a little luxury for yourself and enjoy ‘self away time’ while bathing in the bathtub. Each is made with extra kaolin clay, Epsom salts and sweet almond oil.

By El Roi

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