Leather Nappy Bag

Leather Nappy Bag. Made from 100% bovine leather.  4 Open bags on the outside to store bottles or formula. Zipped  outside bag for Mom’s  purse, car keys and cell phone.
Lined. Zipper to keep every thing inside the bag but with opening if Mom needs anything urgent. Inside space for extra bottles, formula, food, wet wipes or what ever Mom or Dad needs to  add. Enough space inside for nappies, blankets, clean clothes or a jacket. A nappy bag big enough for a long outing, but also fashionable enough for every trip.  This bag is designed for the fashionable mom, because every one deserves a leather item.



Creator: Ditholo Leather Creations
Estimated delivery between 01/03/2024 - 08/03/2024

Leather Nappy Bag –  handmade from 100 % Bovine leather. Bottle holders on the outside.

Zipped bag outside. Zipped on top.

Twin leather handles and shoulder straps make it easy to wear and to fit onto any pram. Large enough for everything Mom and Baby need for a day or just a quick outing.

Bags are made so that when the baby is older, Mom can keep on using this bag.

Leather is a natural product, and no two hides are the same.  Leather may vary in colour from the picture sample.

Made by Olive Creations

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